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Giri At A Glance

Graduated from Dr. MGR University – India in 1998. Assisted more than 16K patients in the city of Edmonton,AB, Canada. co-owner and clinical director for more than 10 physiotherapy and sports clinics in the city of Edmonton. And more...

Giri's Little Story

Giri Srinivasan is the CEO and Owner of Instep Physical Therapy Clinic. - Instep Physio. He graduated from Dr. MGR University – India in 1998 and has been helping people recover from Orthopedic, Spine, Sports, Vestibular issues and other injuries.

In order to serve the community to a larger extent, Giri has taken many postgraduate courses and certifications in Acupuncture, Rehabilitation, Gerontology, Geriatrics, Concussion Management, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy and more.

For more than 23 years he has practiced evidence-based physical therapy methods and assisted more than 16K patients in the city of Edmonton, AB, Canada.

Being a fine therapist, he is also an excellent clinical expert, a mentor, an educationalist, and a successful entrepreneur. He is the co-owner and clinical director for more than 14 physiotherapy and sports clinics in the city of Edmonton. He has presented many telehealth seminars and Educational seminars in various health associations, societies and also in Alberta health services.

Giri’s passion is to provide exceptional service to the community through his chain of clinics and train next generation physiotherapists to serve the community.

Apart from being a successful entrepreneur he is a source of inspiration for many youngsters and takes an active part in sports and community activities. He is very passionate about cricket. He is the founder of the cricket association and was the first to start an all women’s cricket team in Edmonton, Canada.

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Founder, Alberta Cricket Foundation
Host Of
Proud Member of Edmonton Executive Association
Proud Member of Strathcona Cricket Club


Resident of Edmonton - JB

"I want to Thank you all most sincerely for your encouragement to work hard at your expertly crafted physio program which helped me exceed my expectations in some ways and to motivate me to move onto more challenging tasks in other ways. My husband and I are both thrilled that I have had no falls in almost eight months after averaging 4 -5 a month previously. Words really cant fully express how much this means to me"

Via Twitter

John Bridges

"From my first visit with Giri till now,I have much mobility and range in my shoulder. I have much less pain.Most importantly,i have knowledge and better understanding of my condition now and how to avoid injury, i have been thought the proper way to exercise and take care of my shoulder movements. I am very happy with my results"

Director , IT Firm , Edmonton

Kelsey Visscher

"When I arrived, I could hardly do snow angels and was near tears during the treatment with the machine. Now I’m regularly at the gym and doing all my normal activities (with less upper body weight and more mindful ness of movement)."

Jan 15, 2018

Marla Anderson

"I was having back pain that was limiting my ability to sleep and sit for long periods of time. From my initial treatment I was able to see results!!, specifically pain reduction, and this just continued to improve after each visit. Now, after my last visit, I feel better educated as to how to take care well, the upper body strength, etc. I have also been able to continue with normal physical activities. Thanks again"

Student, UOA

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